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Who are these MOPHOs?

Why do you want to know? Who told you we were paranoid?

The MOPHO Team consists of a diverse group of wackadoos in desperate need of attention, that's why they keep acting out and work for a restaurant who's name is a euphemism for a profane epithet.  If only their parents had taught them some discipline (or at least how to wear matching socks), they probably wouldn't be making fools out of themselves on a daily basis by working at a pho joint in a strip mall in Mid-City (it's located in a Burger King parking lot, right next to a Subway, for cryin' out loud!).  Anyway, the front of the house kids are a lovable bunch of misfits who spend too much time arguing whether to watch Big Trouble in Little China or Labyrinth every Friday night and when they aren't polishing silverware (or trying to get someone else to do their sidework), they're a knowledgeable and hospitable cadre of professionals (in t-shirts and mismatched socks) .  The kitchen team, on the other hand, is a strange brew of anti-social types (that's why they're in a kitchen) who would rather sweat and burn themselves all day while contemplating strange hypotheticals from their sleep-deprived sous chefs (actually overheard once: "Would you rather fight twelve rounds against Mike Tyson or talk like him for the rest of your life?").  It's questions like those that drive them to put out incredibly complex food with layers of flavor and texture that only a crazy person would attempt.  Don't work in restaurants kids.