Wednesday - Monday
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Closed Tuesday

MOPHO Mid City
514 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119


Crispy Chicken Wings10
in lemongrass and ginger

Gulf Shrimp or Pork Shoulder Spring Roll8
fermented pepper, peanut

Jicama and Asian Pear Salad9
grilled shrimp, Vietnamese sausage, spiced pecans, and mint

Crispy Fried P&J Oysters14
with MOPHO Mayo, Easter egg radish and pickled blue cheese


Pepper Jelly Braised Cedar Key Clams18
with lamb lardo, basil, crispy shallot and annatto beignets

Slow Roast Lamb Neck and Beet in Green Curry23
with smoked tofu and creole cream cheese roti

Whole Fried Gulf Fish for the TableMarket Price
local citrus, soy, and cilantro

Grilled Two Run Farms Beef Ribs22
cast iron roast mustards, lime, crispy rice

Fingerling Sweetpotatoes15
braised in coconut milk, with crispy garlic brussel sprouts


DIRECTIONS: Pick a Broth, Pick up to 3 Proteins, (you may mix and match) Additional Protein: .50


Options: Oxtail, tendon, flank, red pepper braised tripe, meatball, grilled Chicken thigh, Cocks Comb, Duck Sausage, Head Cheese,Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder, Marinated roasted tofu, mushroom, crispy shallot, grilled mustards
Add Rib-eye 1


Your choice:
warm popcorn rice or chilled vermicelli noodles
Add a fried egg or crispy pork spring roll .75 each

Shakin Bourbon Beef Cheeks 14
crispy shallot, lime

Crispy Pork Belly11
griddled pork sausage, spiced peanut, citrus

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp13
ginger, smoked paprika, mint

Slow Roasted and Crispy Fried Covey Rise Eggplant9
with Tole's Tofu


Comes dressed with MOPHO mayo, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs and spicy pork pâté

NOLA Hot Sausage9

Fried Shrimp with Country Ham11

Sloppy Roast Duck11

Cast Iron Roast Tofu with black bean mayo9

Fried P&J Oyster with Blue Cheese14